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What a night for Kris Drever at the folk awards!

Posted : 06/04/2017

Customer and long time friend Kris Drever won Folk singer of the year and Best original track last night at the BBC2 folk award in the Albert Hall last night. Totally deserved! So pleased for him and everyone else there who won!  Kris had a studio next...

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Dougie MacLeans Tenor Guitar

Posted : 22/10/2016

Earlier this year Dougie Maclean visited the workshop to have some work done on his Cocobol/Adi MKII Tirga beag and we also finalise his order for a new Tenor Guitar that we'd been talking about.  At the beginning of October just before he jetted off...

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Binaural Recordings with Matheu and Paul

Posted : 26/09/2016

An amazing day last weekend with Matheu Watson and Paul McConville, 2 wonderful clients I have had the pleasure of working with for over 7 years now. There's a couple of instruments between them... Left to right: African Blackwood Tirga Beag Fan fretIndian...

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Mr McClennan's guitar

Posted : 08/09/2016

I finished Jamie McClennan's Tirga Beag last week.  We went for Indian Rosewood Double Sides with German Spruce which helped us achieve the requirements for him. He was looking for a guitar with real depth and warmth but with clarity and good separation...

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A beautiful solo show from Karine Polwart

Posted : 23/08/2016

On returning from the Outer Hebrides this week I was gutted not to see this! Hearing from people who where lucky enough to be there, it was beautiful! Wind Resistance Review Karine Plays a Rosewood Taran Mhor

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Meeting Mr Simpson

Posted : 08/07/2016

The evening before I started my guitar building career in Edinburgh nearly 12 years ago I went to see a performance by a man who's music has been with me for as long as I can remember.  Sat in the pleasance folk club listening to Martin Simpson that night...

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Dougie's Taran

Posted : 08/05/2016

Dougie MacLean dropped in last week for a coffee and a blether. I'm pleased to say that Dougie now plays a Tirga Beag. He also finalised his order for a Tenor Guitar. Wonderful to be working with such a brilliant musican and all round great man! And he...

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Kris Drever

Posted : 07/10/2013

Kris Drever drop in by last week to collect his Indian Rosewood Ulladale. I even got a tune with Eamonn Coyne and Kris, not that I was playing I'm much better at listening...  Cheers Kris, I hope you enjoy it. Very best,   Rory

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Karines New Guitar

Posted : 23/02/2013

Karine Polwart came round last week to pick up her new guitar. She Played a Taran Mhor a while ago and decided she had too have one. For information about Karines beautiful music and Tour dates Click here. (opens new browser window) Karine asked me to...

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An evening of Fine folk and Tunes

Posted : 23/02/2013

Ronald Jappy dropped in by with Mhairi Mackinnon for a tune. Well to try some guitars, but I got to listen to some great music for the evening. Here they are, Mhairi described the Tirga Beag that Ron is playing as 'a wonderful cushion of sound that surrounded...

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A fine visit

Posted : 23/02/2013

James Yorkston dropped in to get some work on his guitars done to other day and had a wee shot on a new Taran Mhor that I've just finished. I think he liked it! Check out James' music here. (opens new browser window)

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Matheu Watson

Posted : 23/02/2009

I was visited a few week ago by Matheu Watson to discuss an on coming project and to my delight he was kind enough to do some videos playing my new Tirga Beag for you all. Here's one of them, pleased check the rest out on you tube. clicking here (opens...

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A fantastic testimonial for Taran Guitars by Paul Martin

Posted : 23/02/2009

"Taran Guitars like their maker Rory Dowling are a phenomenon in the acoustic world. Not content with the traditional tone production of the well known makers or the exotic tone woods sought by many smaller luthiers, Dowling seeks to question and redefine...

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