A fantastic testimonial for Taran Guitars by Paul Martin

Posted: 23/02/2009

"Taran Guitars like their maker Rory Dowling are a phenomenon in the acoustic world. Not content with the traditional tone production of the well known makers or the exotic tone woods sought by many smaller luthiers, Dowling seeks to question and redefine the whole character of the instrument, the sound that it makes and its response to the player."

"Producing instruments from his small workshop in Edinburgh, he insists on designing and making in harmony with his clients who are encouraged to contribute to the process so that the instrument will fit the player. Scale length, body dimensions and even string spacing are discussed, qualities of tone and sustain worked hard for."

"The materials are of course selected not only for their tone qualities but for simple beauty, the craftsmanship is outstanding with shape, proportion, detail and structure all given considerable attention. Neck joints are perfect with both heel and inside stock elegantly shaped with economically simple lines. Purfling is immaculately placed, bracing carved to remove surplus and unnecessary material and the body French polished inside. The flawless melamine lacquer finish is applied by David Wilson. David has more than 30 years of experience finishing Stefan Sobell’s instruments. The ebony fretboard on the ‘Ulladale’ is extremely fine against the Scottish Sycamore back and sides, all beautifully figured. Neck profile is well considered and plays easily up to the 12th fret where it joins the body and a sharp 90 degree cutaway gives access to the remaining 8 frets."

"Rory Dowling’s instruments make you want to play them, they are rewarding with a complexity of harmonics and overtones which demand to be explored and improvised."

Paul Martin - Nov, 2008.