Everyone is looking for something different in an instrument. By working together, I can tailor your unique guitar from response level and tonal palette through to the finest personal details. 

As a self-taught luthier, I have spent many hours developing my understanding of how guitars and other instruments work. Over the years, this question and experiment process has enabled me to build up a deep understanding of the variables that go into making a world-class instrument that is developed and built precisely for each individual client.

The process

It starts on paper.

It starts on paper.

Finalised and ready to start cutting

Finalised and ready to start cutting

Completed rosette with Russian Birch Burr

  • I begin by exploring what does and does not work for you with your current instrument. I find this a very useful starting point as this opens the conversation around the fundamental areas for you as a player.
  • When we have an idea of the direction we are looking to go in, I would ask you, if possible, to come and try as many instruments in the workshop as you can.
  • From here I can build a brief of your ideal instrument using one of the instruments in the range as a starting model. 
  • Finalising the brief can take months as I will work with you right through the order period (currently seventeen months) to ensure everything is right before we start the build.
  • Making your instrument can take upwards of three months, during which you will be able to enjoy every step of the process, being kept up to date with pictures and videos.

This Tenor was a game changer for Dougie's recent album

A bespoke guitar with Rory, it’s an experience where you find out what you need and he builds it
— Simon Wells

Truly personal detailing

Every element of David's Tirga Beag was discussed and then designed for him

Chris came to me with what he needed and what he left with blew even my mind!

John's Tirga Beag

With wood from Crail

David's Tirga Beag

Dark horse

Amer Tenor

Working with Chris, we came up with this.

10 string?

John Taylors project was epic!