Binaural recordings with Matheu and Paul


Mr Paul McConville myself and Matheu Watson.

An amazing day last weekend with Matheu Watson and Paul McConville, 2 wonderful clients I have had the pleasure of working with for over 7 years now. There's a couple of instruments between them...

Left to right: 
African Blackwood Tirga Beag Fan fret
Indian Rosewood Oreval
Cocobolo Tirga Beag
Indian Rosewood Springwell
Brazilian Rosewood Taran Mhor
Brazilian Mahogany Oreval
Indian Rosewood Archtop Bouzouki

We spent the day recording some of these for the site. Sorry, no… Matheu played beautifully, recorded, mastered and made coffee for Paul and I while we all blethered about projects gone and hills to come. 

Thank you to Matheu and Paul and special thanks to Lucy Macrae for her hospitality and guitar chat patience!!


binaural recording=the player perspective

A Binaural recording is the process of using in ear Omni mics to record the perspective of in this case the player. What you are listing to when playing this Binaural recordings is what Matheu heard while he was playing the guitars. It doesn't work if your not listening with good left and right head phones as the mics pick up what he heard in each ear individually and thus has to play it back to you in the same way. 

Here is Matheus beautiful playing on these 4 guitars.

Oreval Mahogany/German


Oreval Indian Rosewood/German


Taran Brazilian Rosewood/Italian


Tirga Beag Cocobolo Adirondack