Rod's Taran

I had an email from a client in France that bought my 100th instrument a few years ago. It was a Cocobolo Taran with Olive wood detailing. Rod is the most amazing player, here he is with ‘Johsefins Dopvals’ a Waltz. For me, this is the best bit of my work, hearing people play and express freely and beautifully.

Thank you Rod!

A christening waltz by Swedish musician Roger Tallroth. I've arranged it for solo guitar in my own style and added an intro. Played in 'Dropped D' tuning on a Taran.
This recording was with NB strings again, after settling in.  It’s for me how I like the guitar, rich but not too zingy overtones.  It sounds better than ever!
— Rod Burrough

Olive Wood Micro Bevel on Rod’s Taran