taran guitars

I build world-class instruments that, through our collaboration, speak to you as a player.

© Robert Michael Wilson Photography - Made in Scotland - Taran Guitars

© Robert Michael Wilson Photography - Made in Scotland - Taran Guitars



YOUR own taran

I love working with people to create an instrument that is truly theirs. The most essential element in this journey is for me to understand what you require completely. We can start this process either by having a conversation face to face*, or by meeting at the workshop to try guitars and start to develop the brief for your own custom instrument. Using the models in my range as a starting point, along with our brief, I guarantee to craft you a world-class and unique instrument.

* Thank you technology! Wherever you are, we can have in-depth conversations about what it is that you are looking for in an instrument, free of charge. 



I build instruments from the range that are purchasable throughout the year. As with all of my instruments, these are built to the highest standards from the very best materials. For me it is essential that clients are 100% delighted with an instrument, and so I offer a 7 day play it period to all clients buying on spec.



Every year, I build a very limited series of instruments using the finest materials I have searched out over the years. Along with construction techniques and detailing, these are truly unique world class musical instruments.