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A good intrument should sing to you when you open the door Rory Dowling

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My name is Rory Dowling and I've been making stringed instruments since 2002. It is my belief that a truly extraordinary instrument is the result of the meticulous selection of the finest tone woods and careful construction along with a clear vision of the end result. In working closely with clients and by understanding their requirements I craft a unique instrument tailored to their tastes.

a little about Taran

Taran is Gaelic for ‘Thunder’. Ever since my childhood I have spent many an hour roaming the hills of the Outer Hebrides on Scotland's West Coast. One of the hills of Harris, which has always struck me with great awe and mystery, is ‘Taran Mhor’. Tucked behind the steep climbs of ‘Sgianait’ its western face rises vertically from the waters of the mouth of Loch Resort and then falls north slowly until it turns into the first flat plains of Lewis. I've seen the Taran in high summer days basking in light breeze and I've seen her in deep winter gloom, brooding over days gone by. Every day she has a tale to sing.