simon kempston

One of Scotland’s very best singer-songwriters
— Alan Morrison - The Sunday Herald

Simons Tirga Beag

'Back in late 2013, when sharing the frustrations and limitations of my existing guitars with another musician, I was informed about Taran Guitars, who I was previously unaware of.  At that point, the idea of a bespoke instrument was anathema to me, but after careful consideration I begun to realise that the only logical solution to these issues was to construct the ideal instrument with which I could create that vital symbiotic relationship.

I was completely convinced after my first meeting with Rory that a Taran would be the guitar for me, by his unrivalled knowledge of the construction process, of materials, of the various possibilities that each potential instrument could generate for the musician along with his immediate empathy and understanding of my own musical needs.  Through a series of detailed discussions and studious observation of my playing style, he carefully and diligently selected the woods that were to form my instrument, and I waited with eager anticipation over the ensuing months whilst Rory kept me informed during the various construction stages.

Beautifully authentic guitar style & heartfelt vocal
— Tom Robinson BBC Radio 6

The highest compliment I can pay my new and resulting Taran guitar is that it has pushed me as a musician, a guitarist and a songwriter into places I have never previously been, and encouraged me to rethink my approach to the instrument.  It has served to both inspire and inform the creative process, and possesses a sound with real beauty and clarity of tone along with an unparalleled level of accuracy, excelling in both the studio and in live performance.  It has surpassed my considerable expectations, and I cannot thank Rory enough for creating my perfect musical companion, here in my beloved Scotland.'

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Simon plays a Tirga Beag