tirga mhor

MKII Tirga Mhor Cut-away Fan Fret

The Tirga Mhor is my take on a 000. I have been lucky enough to have had long discussions with Martin Simpson about all things guitar. This model is a product of those meetings. The Tirga Mhor is designed with with an open voice enabled by the 12th fret bridge position with lots of 'spit' with its powerful attack. As with its sister model the Tirga Beag the Mhor has good separation across a very dynamic range.

Tirga Mhor, pronounced ‘Chigora Mor’ is Harris’s second highest peak. She faces north east looking out over the forgotten ridges of North Harris and on to the plains of Lewis.


Scale: 645mm (25.4”) or optional Fan Fret

Frets to body: 12 

Body Length: 510mm

Max Body Width: 402mm

Depth: 122mm

Width at nut: 45mm - Optional

Spacing at saddle: 59mm - Optional


  • Back and sides in either reclaimed Mahogany, pre-CITES 2017 Indian Rosewood, Walnut or Chestnut.

  • Soundboards are the finest European Spruce.

  • Neck material is reclaimed Mahogany.

  • As with all necks - Carbon Fibre and a two-way truss rod are used for stability.

  • A choice of headstock veneers with matching back graft.

  • Ebano Rocklite finger board bound with 18 frets.

  • Bone nut and saddle which are intonated to any tuning required.

  • Standard nut width is 45mm with a 59mm string spacing at the bridge.

  • Tuners can be either Gotoh 510s or Keith Robson hand made tuners.

  • The Tirga Mhor comes with a Hiscox Pro II Case and includes delivery in the UK.

no cut-away

As with all of my Models the Tirga Mhor is available with or without a Cut-away. This is a Tasmanian Blackwood Tirga Mhor now belongs to legendary Jim Malcolm. Jim was having problems with the sharp edge on his guitar digging into his forearm. He fell in love with this guitars tone and playability, “This guitar and its bevel has saved me!” he said.

Tirga Mhor Cut-Away02.jpg


Would you like a Tirga Mhor built to your exact specifications for the music you play?