Martin simpson


Martin Simpson playing a Cocobolo Adi Tirga Beag in 2015

Martin needs no introduction in the world of acoustic artists. Widely regarded as one of the world’s finest finger style players, his career is filled with beautiful music spanning seemingly endless genres, styles and sources of inspiration.

I’ve been fortunate enough to know Martin since I was based in Edinburgh more than 8 years ago, introduced by our great friend Ian Brown during a road trip guitar tour. It wasn’t until 2016 that Martin and I starting discussing guitars at length.

Martin now owns and plays a Tasmanian Blackwood Tirga Mhor, an instrument that we developed after many of these meetings. Both simply fascinated by guitars and the possibilities - What if? To find out more about the journey of the Tirga Mhor click here for ‘Working with Martin Simpson’ article on the site.

Martin Simpson’s Tirga Mhor by Taran Guitars

“Rory’s work has been on my radar for several years, I have always enjoyed watching him chase ideas and improvements in his building.
I enjoy my friendships and working relationships with some of the best guitar builders on the planet and was very pleased to share ideas with Rory and show him instruments.
A 1931 00018 Twelve Fret and a Sobell Steinbeck conspired with Rory’s ideas and out came this very fine instrument which is it’s own beast!

You can hear it on my forthcoming CD.”
— Martin Simpson - 2019