Working with TNAG

I was delighted earlier this year when The North American Guitar invited me to join their roster of acoustic luthiers and it’s been a busy few weeks since my guitars arrived down at their shop in London. A Taran and a new model of the Tirga Mhor were announced on 1st of July and had both sold later that afternoon, with one heading to Canada and the other to a buyer in the UK - to say I was pleased is an understatement!!

I’m really looking forward to working with Ben and his team at TNAG more over the coming months where there will be build slots available via the shop. The next TNAG build slot is currently available for Spring 2020.

It was great to visit the shop and finally meet Ben earlier this month. Here’s a video of us talking guitars!

Here is the incredible Tony McManus and Stuart Ryan playing the Tirga Mhor and Taran which were sent to TNAG earlier this month…hope you enjoy!

If you would like to talk about the available TNAG build slot, get in touch here .

More news coming soon!