Sunburst Tirga Beag.jpg

A Tirga Beag, but it’s

David’s Tirga Beag...


This uniquely tailored Tirga Beag left the workshop in May 2016. An absolute pleasure to work on this with David Deans, a client I have known for 4 or 5 years now. From repairs to full rebuilds on instruments that he has played since he was a kid in the 60s we have built a friendship over the years and because of our work together I have a real insight into his requirements as a player.

Like everyone, David’s needs are unique and thus this instrument is entirely his. Everything from the super light response level to the balance of the Swiss Spruce soundboard. The fullness, depth and clarity of the DS Cocobolo body to the hand rubbed sunburst I applied nervously while he was there describing his perfect vision of a burst! And to the Tulipwood 12 fret marker made from his own father’s instrument wood collection that David had been keeping for something special.

Like my other works it has been on order for nearly two years now. Yes, it’s a long time and without these years I could build him a great instrument, but he says "with the time this guitar is perfect!" 

Many thanks to you, Sir.