james fagan

James and Nancy are incredible! Photo - John S Wright



Rory built the guitar in 2013. It was the first of his Tirga Beag models to have double sides and was built with beautiful Malaysian Blackwood and Italian Spruce. I’ve been lucky to have my ‘Taran’ for two years, and it’s the only guitar I play now. In that time, I haven’t done a single gig where someone didn’t ask me about the beautiful sound of the guitar, and commented on its exquisite appearance. I think Rory is one of the most talented guitar makers in these islands. He has a magical combination of a true flair for design with a deep understanding of wood and how it works, but even more importantly he really listens to players. Somehow Rory manages to combine his brilliant talent for crafting these objects of beauty with a genuine ability to translate what the player wants into the finished product. And what a finish it is. I wanted a guitar for life and I found one.

 - James Fagan


Awards the James and Nancy have won over the years

Twice winners “Best Duo” BBC RADIO 2 FOLK AWARDS (2003, 2011)

Nancy Kerr – Nominated ‘Best Original Track’ with ‘Fragile Water’ – BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards 2017

Nancy Kerr is the 2015 “Folk Singer of the Year” (BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards)