James McAllister

James with his Cocobolo Taran

James with his Cocobolo Taran


Having received my Taran guitar a few weeks ago I can only say that the process has been, start to finish, superb.
It all started with a couple of emails followed by a visit to Rory's workshop, where we discussed which type of guitar would be most suitable for the sound I hoped to achieve and my playing style. I decided on a Tirga Beag with a cutaway.

Whilst at the workshop I also chose the woods which would be used for the guitar body (by knocking on the potential types and choosing the one I deemed to have the best sound) and decided most other functional aspects of the guitar.

In the weeks that followed Rory and I exchanged a number of emails regarding the guitar's aesthetics - with Rory sharing pictures of potential options, which allowed me to reach assured decisions.
Once the guitar's build began Rory sent photographs of each stage's progression and kept me regularly updated on what had been done and what the next steps would be.

I now have the guitar and I couldn't be more impressed. It's absolutely beautiful, supremely well crafted and is the best sounding acoustic I have heard. Through each stage of the process Rory has been excellent. I felt part of the process the whole way through and now I have a dream of a guitar.

  - James McAllister