Julian Longden


I’ve had my Tirga Beag for a couple of years now and I can honestly say, hand on heart that it’s one of the finest instruments I have had the pleasure of owning. I’ve had a few high end guitars now and played many more and this guitar is right up there with the best of them and the one I would always choose.

It can handle with ease just about any musical style or genre you care to throw at it and it’s just made for open tunings. The quality, the workmanship, the tone woods and Rory’s attention to detail are second to none and of course it looks drop dead gorgeous!

From the very first phone call with Rory you immediately recognize a craftsman who speaks with the authority, passion and commitment of someone who is dedicated not only to creating wonderful musical instruments but also the satisfaction of you the client. You are consulted, updated and informed from the beginning of the build to the day it’s posted out to you. I’d buy another in a heartbeat!

  - Julian Longden