matheu watson



Rory and I first met back in 2008. From our very early meetings Rory’s commitment to his craft, his burning ambition to create a truly musical instrument and indeed his own deep love of music were crystal clear. Never more so than when you picked up and played one of his instruments.

I am very fortunate to have spent many nights over the last 5 or 6 years playing one of Rory’s guitars and at all points it has inspired me to be more musical, more refined and more expressive. Nothing has taught me more about music than my Taran Guitar. It embodies finesse, accuracy and musicality and whether in the studio or out on the road my guitar always helps me try to bring those qualities out in my music. His guitars are literally second to none and this, in a large part, is down to his unshakable commitment to creating a perfect musical companion for each of his clients. You feel every piece of scrupulously selected wood, every moment of care in construction, every clean fret and every attention to detail synthesise into everything you’ve ever hoped for in a guitar.

To own a Taran guitar is to welcome in a new stage of growth and inspiration as a musician, to be guided through clarity, tone, precision, character and attitude by some of the finest instruments in the world; made by my friend Rory Dowling, in Pittenweem, In Fife, in Scotland. Lovely.



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