Rhona Stevens


'Buying a Taran guitar'…….Rhona's dad wrote:

Buying a handmade instrument is always going to be harder than a few shop visits in the city and walking away with a chosen product. However, the rewards in our experience are so much greater. The Taran guitar that Rhona now has is part of her and she was involved in the whole process of design and construction.

We chose the Taran due to personal testimonies in the traditional music world and when we went over to Fife it was obvious we had made the right choice. Rory was open to any suggestions Rhona made and the whole experience was extremely rewarding. As Rhona was a pupil at Plockton music school we were fortunate to obtain some assistance from the local Dunblane Trust. It was well worth the wait and Rhona has a highly personalised instrument with her own Rosette design and the only downside is that many of her contemporaries want to play it.

Two years down the line and the guitar sounds better than first bought and Rory still asks how Rhona is getting on and we are looking forward to seeing the new studio. I would recommend the whole committed friendly experience from Rory and would have no hesitation in recommending Rory’s guitars to anyone.